27–29 September 2017, Churchill College, Cambridge

Lightning Talks

Our Lightning Talks session is packed with small but perfectly formed talks and experience reports, delivered rapid-fire by a mix of experienced and brand new speakers alike.

Transforming performance management

A 10 minute Lightning Talk by:

Adam Polczyk

Agileflow Ltd

About Adam Polczyk

Adam is an agile practitioner with over 25 years' experience of commercial software development. He started programming when he was 11 years old and hasn’t stopped. For the last 15 years, however, his focus has been helping teams and organisations apply agile values to be more effective and to create a better working experience for their people.

He is an accomplished and energetic scrum master and agile coach who likes speaking at meet-ups and conferences when he has an idea worth sharing. For the last 3 years, he has been working on finding better ways for members of self-organising teams to get performance feedback.

High performing teams - you ain’t seen nothing yet…

A 10 minute Lightning Talk by:

Renke Conijn

Happy Agile

Vera Germanus

Happy Worker Academy

About Renke Conijn

Renke Conijn is an agile coach and motivator based in the Netherlands. After 15 years of building happy and motivated teams, it was only after living through the agile transformation at Bose Corporation that he really found out how he could help teams get better.

He discovered how to really improve team performance, create breakthroughs and high value. How teams can make customers happy.

Nowadays, driven by this experience and a deep agile mindset, Renke trains, coaches and mentors agile teams. Renke’s agile teams get started and mature fast. He coaches organisations that have implemented the framework but haven't yet experienced the value delivery boost. He teaches them how to get real value and happier customers from agile, and speaks to organisation leaders about how agile can work for them and how to change their roles in an agile environment.

In short: making agile irresistible!

See also: www.happyagile.eu.

About Vera Germanus

Vera Germanus is a mission magician.

She has a diverse business background and has worked with well-known companies like Shell, PWC and KPMG. She be;ieves that when people cannot express their talents fully, something in them dies a little.

Vera certified as a purpose and talent coach and helps business professionals seek out what they struggle with most: success and happiness. She now positively impacts people with her seminars, books, programmes and speaking. She's worked with over 1000 people in the last 10 years.

She is co-author of The Soul of Success with her mentor and multiple New York Times Bestselling Author, Jack Canfield.

Her mission - unleashing greatness in people and teaching them how to be extraordinary - maximising their success by only doing what they love, using their unique gifts.

In short: creating unstoppable free spirits!

The feature discovery pipeline

A 10 minute Lightning Talk by:

Neil Vass


About Neil Vass

Neil has worked in a variety of roles on waterfall, agile, and fragile projects, and is currently working as an agile project manager at the BBC. Previous project experience includes automating medical image analysis, specifying laboratory information management systems and building a motion-tracking toothbrush to study brushing technique. It’s people problems that are the most interesting, though.

Our strategy for bringing ideas to life

A 10 minute Lightning Talk by:

Callum McGowan


About Callum McGowan

Calum works as a strategic change lead at Auto Trader, currently looking after some of the company's cultural change projects. He has been at Auto Trader for 7 years and his background is project management.

He has run 3 different software teams during his time with the company, including its mobile (native apps) squad. Calum is passionate about doing the right thing and helping people on the exciting Auto Trader journey to become a brilliant digital business.

Lessons Learnt from Hiring

A 10 minute Lightning Talk by:

Jeff Foster


About Jeff Foster

Details coming soon.

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