Fantastic Beasts and where to improve them

A 90 minute Workshop by:

Chris Smith


Maria Scrivener


About this Workshop

At Redgate we want our teams to be autonomous and aligned. We believe in pushing ownership of our products down to the teams that work on them and encourage those teams to decide how they work. However, Redgate expects great things from teams and for them to reflect the values of the wider organisation - values such as transparency and continuous improvement.

We’ve, admittedly, had a number of failed attempts to set out our expectations of teams, define autonomy and encourage alignment, but in late 2016 that journey led us to identifying a set of principles that we believe are key for every one of our development teams.

Rather than having a dry set of guidelines that never see the light of day, we wanted these principles to be memorable and fun. We wanted our teams to really engage with them and to use them to identify areas where they can improve. So we gave each principle an animal mascot – unleashing our Fantastic Beasts! With the Power of the Porpoise, teams stay focused on their purpose. The Transparency of the Jellyfish keeps teams open and honest. The Wisdom of the Owl means they understand their users - and the Carrier Pigeon lets them deliver work in an agile way. The Collaborating Clownfish promotes teamwork. The Proud Lion ensures the right level of quality. Finally, our teams work well with others through the Mindful Meerkat.

In this workshop, you will find out all about our Fantastic Beasts; why they exist, what they represent and how we use them. We’ll be asking participants to explore what the beasts mean to them and they will take away the means to unleash them in their own habitat.

About the Speakers

Chris Smith

Chris is a Divisional Development Lead at Redgate. His job is to lead the software development teams that work on Redgate's ingeniously simple database tools; building teams with clarity of purpose, autonomy within their remit and encouraging continuous improvement.


Maria Scrivener

After starting her career in software development, Maria Scrivener has now taken on the challenge of agile coaching. Her aim? To make it easier for teams to do the good thing, not harder to do the bad thing. All of which takes communication, communication ... and more communication. She’s keen on lean, she hates process for the sake of process, and she loves good software practice, experiments and deep belly laughs. Oh, and she isn’t an avid tweeter at all - she prefers communicating face to face.


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