Agile Cambridge 2011


We're sorry but the following workshop will now run at UX Cambridge and not as an Agile Cambridge pre-conference tutorial.:

Agile and UX - a marriage made in heaven?

With its lack of up-front activity, short iterations and emphasis on minimum-viable products, Agile approaches can seem to be the antithesis of a considered approach to User Experience.

However, the Agile Manifesto does value qualities that UX practitioners also value: an emphasis on customer collaboration, individuals & interactions and uncovering better ways of developing software. So, is a perceived problem with Agile and UX more to do with the way either is implemented in practice, more to do with the personalities involved or is the problem organisational?

This workshop will draw together people from the Agile and UX communities to share experiences, problems and solutions to enable UX to have a happy marriage with Agile approaches. The workshop will be facilitated but participants should come prepared to play an active role in the session and to discuss their particular context.