28 September - 30 September 2016

Churchill College, Cambridge, UK

Agile on the Bench

Emily Webber Tacit
Cara Bermingham ustwo

Session type: Session
Session duration: 30 minutes

About this Session

Wednesday and Thursday 1:00-1:30pm.
Bench location to be confirmed on the day.

Agile on the Bench is a friendly, low-fi, lunchtime, outdoor, agile meetup.

Expect 10-min talks about all things agile, people, teams, users and getting things done… on a bench.

Being outside means no tech, there are no laptops or projectors, just the speakers, the participants and lots of fantastic ideas.

Agile on the Bench is a London based community event run by agile people for agile people (and passing joggers).

Your hosts are Emily Webber and Cara Bermingham.

For more information about Agile on the Bench head to agileonthebench.co.uk or agileonthebench.



Venn and the art of agile development

Chris Young


How do you identify yourself amongst the people you work with? How is this identity created and defined? How does it affect the way you and your colleagues work? With the help of the audience, we'll explore these ideas with the aim of sharing insights from our practice to the benefit of each other. Warning - contains audience participation.

Is Yoda really an agile coach?

Gitte Klitgaard


There is no clear definition of an agile coach, so it can be anything from a process enforcer to a growth enabler. Gitte likes to use Jedi tricks in agile coaching and will tell you why Yoda may be the ultimate agile coach.



Ever wanted to pack a bag and travel the world non-stop, working as you go?

Amy Wagner


Perhaps you want to travel by campervan? House-sit around the world? Maybe a motorbike and sidecar is more your style? Amy will share 3 stories about digital nomads she met on the road in 2016. Each with different travel styles, jobs, remote working challenges and motivations for embracing the digital nomad life.

What would you do if you were confronted with an un-labelled red button in an awkward position, and you weren't allowed to press it?

Dan Ashby


How would you investigate the button to discover what it was for? Dan found himself in this exact position when he found a red button low down on the wall behind the TV in a flat he lived in Shanghai. Dan will share the story of the red button and his discovery of how this situation completely related to modern software testing approaches.

About the Speakers

Emily Webber

Emily Webber is a London-based independent agile and lean consultant with her company Tacit. She works with organisations in both the private and public sectors to help with their agile transformations and to develop their agile capability for sustainable change.

She was previously at the Government Digital Service, where she was the Head of Agile Delivery, leading the team of agile delivery professionals that deliver services for citizens.

Emily is passionate about agile, communities, organisational learning and skills development. She co-runs a meet-up called Agile on the Bench, blogs at emilywebber.co.uk and has a weak spot for vintage scooters.


Cara Bermingham


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