28 September - 30 September 2016

Churchill College, Cambridge, UK

Property based testing

Willem van den Ende QWAN
Marc Evers QWAN

Session type: Hands-On
Session duration: 90 minutes

About this Hands-On

Most unit/integration testing as we know it is example-based: we describe examples of how the code under test behaves in our favourite testing framework.

Property based testing is a new and promising approach to automated unit testing. It is very different from example-based approaches: in property based testing, you don’t write examples but you describe properties of the code under test (statements about the outputs based on the inputs). Based on this, a property-based test framework generates many different inputs and checks if the code under test satisfies everything.

It started in QuickCheck in the functional programming language Haskell and currently frameworks are available for many languages, from Java/Scala to C++.

Property based testing forces you to think carefully about specifications: what are the preconditions, postconditions, invariants? It looks like a useful new tool. This session will give you a good impression of how it works and what possible applications could be.

You’ll get written instructions for a language of your choice, either JavaScript (jsverify) or Haskell (quickcheck) and hands-on coaching.

About the Speakers

Willem van den Ende

Willem works as a software developer and consultant. He started using and promoting XP in 2000, always looking for better ways to deliver software that makes sense to those who work with it.


Marc Evers

Marc works as an independent coach, trainer and consultant in the field of (agile) software development and software processes. He develops true learning organizations that focus on continuous reflection and improvement: apply, inspect, adapt.

He organizes workshops and conferences on agile and lean software development, extreme programming, systems thinking, theory of constraints, and effective communication. Marc is co-founder of the Agile Open and XP Days Benelux conferences.


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