28 September - 30 September 2016

Churchill College, Cambridge, UK

Waltzing with branches

Chris Oldwood Freelance

Session type: Tutorial
Session duration: 45 minutes

Slides from session

The slides used for this session are available to download from here.

About this Tutorial

Branching during the evolution of a software product, either its over-use or complete avoidance, is just as susceptible to the malaise of the 'cargo cult' as many other areas of development. The choice is not always made based on an informed decision with a careful weighing up of the pros and cons and their alternatives, but purely by following what practices the 'cool' companies are (seen to be) using.

What is often misunderstood is how the same risks that historically have been mitigated through the use of branches might now be handled via the use of other, non-version-control related practices to ensure stability and productivity remains high in the face of continued change. Whilst there is still a time and a place for the use of branches, we will discover when that might be, but equally spend as much time exploring the complimentary practices that help us to avoid their pitfalls.

About the Speaker

Chris is a freelance developer who started out as a bedroom coder in the 80’s writing assembler on 8-bit micros; these days it’s C++ and C# in plush corporate offices. He also commentates on the Godmanchester duck race and can be contacted via gort@cix.co.uk or @chrisoldwood.


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