28 September - 30 September 2016

Churchill College, Cambridge, UK

Using agile practices to improve agile practices #notatypo

Maria Skovmand Redgate

Session type: Experience Report
Session duration: 60 minutes

About this Experience Report

We don’t live in a textbook and sometimes things go wrong, even though we did everything we had learned. This is quite alright, and we inspect and learn from it - we call this continuous improvement.

I’d like to share some of what we’ve learned recently - and hopefully inspire you to inspect your moving cheese and make bold statements about what you can achieve. Do away with yesterday’s misconceptions and be better tomorrow

About the Speaker

After starting her career in software development, Maria Skovmand has now taken on the challenge of Agile coaching. Her aim? To make it easier for teams to do the good thing, not harder to do the bad thing. All of which takes communication, communication … and more communication. She’s keen on lean, she hates process for the sake of process, and she loves good software practice. Oh, and she has no desire to ever tweet anything – she prefers communicating face to face.

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