28 September - 30 September 2016

Churchill College, Cambridge, UK

Small experiments, big transformations

Dr Clara Juanes-Vallejo Thales e-Security
Cameron Mackenzie Thales

Session type: Experience Report
Session duration: 45 minutes

About this Experience Report

There are lots of ways to transform an organisation, but how are we doing it across 6 main businesses on 12 sites in the UK, and across multiple countries?

Come along and hear how empowering the teams to run small experiments and share successes and failures along the way helped transform not just those teams, but whole organisations - building a culture of experimentation that lasts.

At this session we will share our experience, and a few of our experiments to start you on the path; where will it take you?

About the Speakers

Dr Clara Juanes-Vallejo

Clara is the Business Transformation Manager for Thales e-Security who, using her years of experience operates across all levels of the organisation to foster and create an agile culture. Seen as a leader of change within Thales e-Security Clara has given many talks on the rollout of and scaling of agile and the cultural and working benefits of agile to the business.

Calling exclusively on her agile background Clara actively trains and develops engineers, product owners, managers and senior executives in this new way of working and is a keen supporter of both Agile and Lean principles; as demonstrated by ensuring best practice in agile is followed by the engineering scrum teams and championing the rollout of agile across Thales.

Cameron Mackenzie

With over 12 years' development experience Cameron encourages, teaches and coaches agile and lean thinking, focusing on transparency, delivery and building great teams.

In his current role as UK Agile Referent for Thales, he acts as a focal point and facilitator for agile transformations in a diverse business (over 6,500 employees on 12 main development sites in the UK) spanning web development at one end, and security-critical and safety-critical product lines at the other.

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