28 September - 30 September 2016

Churchill College, Cambridge, UK

Baking Security into Agile – An Impossible Task?

Dr Clara Juanes-Vallejo Thales e-Security
Dr Pali Surdhar Thales e-Security

Session type: Case Study
Session duration: 45 minutes

About this Case Study

Agile is an increasingly popular development methodology that enables faster delivery of code that meets customer requirements. The development principles of agile encourage active user involvement through the lifecycle, providing better visibility for stakeholders; enabling better quality, risk management and expectation management. All really good stuff!

But what about secure code?

Customers expect their products to be secure but often omit adding specific requirements for this. Agile behaviours often neglect the security angle and sometimes make it more difficult to integrate. We present a case study on how Thales incorporated security activities into an agile project.

Hear what we learnt about using the agile methodology for future secure development work.

About the Speakers

Dr Clara Juanes-Vallejo

Clara is the Business Transformation Manager for Thales e-Security who, using her years of experience operates across all levels of the organisation to foster and create an agile culture. Seen as a leader of change within Thales e-Security Clara has given many talks on the rollout of and scaling of agile and the cultural and working benefits of agile to the business.

Calling exclusively on her agile background Clara actively trains and develops engineers, product owners, managers and senior executives in this new way of working and is a keen supporter of both Agile and Lean principles; as demonstrated by ensuring best practice in agile is followed by the engineering scrum teams and championing the rollout of agile across Thales.

Dr Pali Surdhar

Pali works as a security engineer in Cambridge and is responsible for curating security requirements for products that are developed by Thales e-Security. He works closely with developers to ensure that cryptographic products are robust and secure in an ever evolving threat landscape. Pali holds a BEng in electronics, an MSc by Research in device physics and a PhD in robotics and artificial intelligence.

When Pali is trying not to be paranoid about security threats and mitigations, he enjoys being outdoors - walking a very boisterous labradoodle called Leia, mountain biking and rock climbing (perhaps the reason why he lives in Yorkshire and does the weekly commute to Cambridge).

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