28 September - 30 September 2016

Churchill College, Cambridge, UK

Agile at scale - doing it right

Shay Antebi Amdocs

Session type: Case Study
Session duration: 45 minutes

About this Case Study

When we think of transforming into agile, we all think we are unique.

Just imagine: 4,600 developers, 7 global sites, 3 continents and dozens of mega scale projects. This is what we learned: we all face the same challenges and the same 'unique' complexity. Size may be a factor, but it can be handled.

In this captivating session, I will talk about the lessons the Amdocs Delivery teams experienced along their agile journey, turning their large company to a faster agile machine. I'll answer questions like:

  • what did this mean for the teams’ empowerment?
  • with over 250 customers, how does a large company like Amdocs transform?

All this and more in a shape changing, sharp and entertaining fast agile session.

About the Speaker

Shay has 20 years of versatile software development experience in large scale systems, both in government and in telco organisations and industry.

Driven by his passion for software and his leadership skills, Shay brings with him a unique outlook and approach to managing engineering teams. His main goal focuses on motivating teams to maximise their potential to achieve successful results.

In his current role, as Vice President of Amdocs Delivery technologies, Shay is responsible for the cross-organisation agile transformation. With his energy and enthusiasm, he turns each and every team member into a recognised agile force, moving the entire organisation forward.


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