27–29 September 2017, Churchill College, Cambridge

Reactive v creative leadership: how we can become more effective agile leaders

A 45 minute Workshop by:

Andrew Hudson

Sky UK

About this Workshop

A reactive leader is one that habitually focuses on the many problems, obstacles and other forms of resistance that regularly show up in leadership. A creative leader is one that does address problems and obstacles that arise, but doesn't make this their primary focus. Rather, the creative leader is focused on the vision that he or she wants to create.

This workshop looks at what reactive and creative leadership is, the impact that each style of leadership has on teams and organisations and what the traits of a reactive and creative leader are. It does so under the context of purpose and how - by making changes in our leadership style to become more creative - we can develop a greater sense of purpose in our work, which can improve the motivation, effectiveness and productivity of our teams.

Following on from the presentation, the group will be asked, using some provided examples, to rank themselves on a scale of reactive to creative. This will be followed by a discussion on the merits of each leadership style and how we can each make changes to our style to help our teams become more motivated and more effective.

About the Speaker

Andy is currently working as a scrum master at Sky UK. For the past few years he has specifically worked on Now TV. Alongside his work as a scrum master, Andy is the Sky Community Lead for agile, which sees him organise events and training to help people develop a greater and more open agile mindset. As part of this he has, along with a few fellow scrum masters, developed internal agile training and coaching courses focusing on developing an agile mindset and key coaching abilities. The courses have now reached hundreds of people from across Sky, taking the training across the UK and to Sky's other European bases. Andy is passionate about helping teams and individuals reach their potential and believes developing the right vision and mindset are arguably more valuable to effective agile teams than any process or framework.


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