27–29 September 2017, Churchill College, Cambridge

Continuous delivery, scaled down

A 60 minute Case Study by:

Willem van den Ende


About this Case Study

The first time I practiced continuous delivery, I was not aware I was doing it. Me and a friend were just programming live on a web server, and whenever someone had a question or a complaint, we would edit a bit of code, press save and ask ""How is that working for you? is that better?"". To be honest, that is more immediate delivery: if you do that long term, you might have to add some practices and perhaps tools to keep it sustainable. But which ones, and when? How much do you invest early, how much later?

The amount of work put in to make continuous delivery viable varies enormously from one environment to the next. How much of an investment is 'good'? In software development we can't do double blind experiments, so I've tried very different things in very different contexts. I'll ask you a few questions, and tell a few success and failure stories about small and growing teams in government, start-ups and larger corporations, and hope to give you some inspiration to ship fast and reliably and keep having fun doing it.

About the Speaker

Willem is a software developer and consultant, always looking for better and more fun ways to develop software, and helping others do the same. He is a partner in www.qwan.eu.


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