27–29 September 2017, Churchill College, Cambridge

Rewire your brain (for digital)

A 60 minute Keynote by:

Allan Kelly

About this Keynote

Modern business is obsessed with digital, and digital means someone, somewhere, needs to write software, which means modern business people need to engage with something they hate: software development.

But software development is really quite simple. True, it requires a lot of brain power to think like a machine, but in essence it is simple - it's all ones and zeros, isn’t it?

No, the difficult bit is not that you need to be a human super computer to program but that managing software development is counter intuitive; many of the maxims that other managers live by are reversed when you develop software in the twenty-first century.

So unless you rewire your brain and turn some of your assumptions upside down, your own thinking will make your job more difficult.

In this presentation Allan Kelly will look at some of the mental models that need to be rethought and reversed for software to be successfully developed.

About the Speaker

Allan makes digital development teams more effective and improves delivery with continuous agile approaches to reduce delay and risk while increasing value delivered.

He helps teams and smaller companies - including start-ups and scale-ups - with advice, coaching and training. Managers, product and technical staff are all involved in his improvements. He is the originator of Retrospective Dialogue Sheets and Value Poker, the author of four books, including "Xanpan - team centric Agile Software Development" and "Business Patterns for Software Developers".


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