27–29 September 2017, Churchill College, Cambridge

When Agile Goes International

A 45 minute Case Study by:

Dr Clara Juanes-Vallejo

Thales e-Security

Dr Fay Moutevelis

Thales e-Security

About this Case Study

Is your company already doing or considering doing Agile at international scale? Ours is, and we want to share some insights we have found with you to see if you have encountered the same or have new ideas… But wait, there’s no boring presentations here, we will run a fun activity and workshop and there might even be balloons!

About the Speakers

Dr Clara Juanes-Vallejo

Clara is the Business Transformation Manager for Thales e-Security who, using her years of experience operates across all levels of the organisation to foster and create an Agile culture. Seen as a leader of change within Thales e-Security Clara has given many talks on the rollout of and scaling of Agile and the cultural and working benefits of Agile to the business.

Calling exclusively on her Agile background Clara actively trains and develops engineers, product owners, managers and senior executives in this new way of working and is a keen supporter of both Agile and Lean principles; as demonstrated by ensuring best practice in Agile is followed by the engineering Scrum teams and championing the rollout of Agile across Thales.

Dr Fay Moutevelis

Fay started her career as a Scientist and moved into Management roles. For the last 18 years, she has led diverse projects and programmes in different sectors using a variety of methodologies. Through extensive experience in traditional and agile project management she has developed the expertise of understanding the business needs and then adapting and implementing hybrid project management models that work best for the particular business.

Having successfully implemented Agile Project Management and Lean practices to different companies, Fay is now introducing these practices at Thales e-Security as a Portfolio Project Manager. She loves working in stimulating environments and extending the Agile mind-set from Engineering to the rest of the business.

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