27–29 September 2017, Churchill College, Cambridge

Unblocking Middle Management

A 45 minute Hands-On by:

Dr Clara Juanes-Vallejo

Thales e-Security

Carl Whittaker

Thales e-Security

About this Hands-On

Have you ever pushed to do something differently? Do you want to make a change? Yet when you try it seems to get halted by that middle layer of management? Or maybe you have found a solution to this common problem? Either way, this workshop is for you. We will begin by offering a fun activity that will challenge what you considered the norm. Then you get a chance to show what you know and learn from your fellow change agents in the room. Come prepared to be interactive, think a little differently and, most importantly, have some fun!

About the Speakers

Dr Clara Juanes-Vallejo

Clara is the Business Transformation Manager for Thales e-Security who, using her years of experience operates across all levels of the organisation to foster and create an Agile culture. Seen as a leader of change within Thales e-Security Clara has given many talks on the rollout of and scaling of Agile and the cultural and working benefits of Agile to the business.

Calling exclusively on her Agile background Clara actively trains and develops engineers, product owners, managers and senior executives in this new way of working and is a keen supporter of both Agile and Lean principles; as demonstrated by ensuring best practice in Agile is followed by the engineering Scrum teams and championing the rollout of Agile across Thales.

Carl Whittaker

Carl is part of the business transformation team at Thales eSecurity and is responsible for improving all aspects of the business focussing primarily on engineering and ensuring that value is being consistently delivered. He works closely with engineers and management to continuously improve the way the business works and recognises there is always an area to develop further.

After taking a keen interest in an Agile way of working, Carl transitioned from an engineering role in a Scrum team to be part of the transformation team and is driven by his passion to get people to enjoy their work and bringing the best out of everybody.

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