27–29 September 2017, Churchill College, Cambridge

The importance of being open

A 45 minute Case Study by:

Matt Jukes


About this Case Study

Someone once wrote "make things open: it makes things better" - but what does that actually mean for a product manager, and at what point does openness start to become product propaganda?

This session will primarily focus on how blogging in particular can be both a channel for team transparency but also organisational 'spin' (with examples of both). It will be told through the prism of my experiences in government and beyond.

I will point to good practice at a range of organisations and things to look out for when the tide is turning against openness. I'll make the case for why open makes things better and touch on how I was able to convince previously risk-averse, closed organisations to open up.

About the Speaker

The majority of Matt's 15-year career has been spent managing digital teams for government and research institutions, but he now has his dream job working for social enterprise mySociety. Throughout those 15 years, he has operated at the forefront of internet-enabled change for his employers.

Since 2001, he has successfully introduced content management systems, corporate social media beyond broadcast, commitment to open source technologies - and in recent years, an agile, DevOps approach to product development. In the majority of cases, this was achieved, despite organisational inertia and risk aversion.


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