27–29 September 2017, Churchill College, Cambridge

Lessons learnt in quality coaching

A 60 minute Case Study by:

Gareth Bragg

Redgate Software

José Lima

Redgate Software

About this Case Study

What happens if a company moves from having specialist testers to...well...not? How do they keep their product quality levels high without dedicated testers?

That's exactly what happened at Redgate, and we'd like to share some of the lessons we've learnt in our first year of coaching teams to deliver high quality software.

This will be a direct experience report, talking about some of the challenges and lessons learnt since moving from a test engineering role to a quality coaching role. Things covered will include:

  • what’s the difference between a test engineer and a quality coach?
  • how people react to not having testers any more
  • the difference between teaching how to test and coaching on delivering higher quality
  • specific challenges of being a coach within a company, rather than a contractor
  • the balance between tactical coaching and strategic improvement work
  • the importance of personal relationships in coaching

About the Speakers

Gareth Bragg

Gareth has been involved in software quality roles since 2003, working with multinational companies on geospatial, marketing, financial and database development tools.

He now works as a quality coach at Redgate Software, helping individuals and teams to deliver better software, quicker.

An active member of the local testing community, Gareth is a regular attendee and host of Ministry of Testing lean coffee meetups in Cambridge.


José Lima

José started his professional career as a test engineer at Cambridge-based Redgate Software, and has always been an advocate of quality.

Last year he became a quality coach in the hope of spreading the lessons he'd learned to the various product teams and software engineers.

He spends his time studying software testing related topics and working with different teams and individuals around the business.


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