27–29 September 2017, Churchill College, Cambridge

Agile games for serious leaders

A 90 minute Workshop by:

Stanislava Potupchik


About this Workshop

Analyse and develop your leadership skills in a safe environment. Serious games create a space where you can probe and risk, try on and explore various behavioural strategies. As an experienced facilitator and game master I help you to transfer your learnings into the real life situations.

The workshop leads you to two main outcomes. Firstly the games we play give you personal insight on your own patterns - what kind of a leader you are and how you can implement this knowledge in various situations. Secondly every game will be explained so that you can be confident to play it with your colleagues and spread the inspiration.

About the Speaker

Stanislava was born in Russia and now lives in the Netherlands since 2015 where she works as a scrum master and soft skills serious games consultant. She started with serious games back in 2000 and elaborated various concepts including soft skills exercises, metaphorical games, psychological role play games, gamification approaches. At Quby they created a strong scrum masters community acting as agile ambassadors at every level of the company, helping development teams as well as other departments like Sales and Marketing, Finance, HR to adopt agile mindset and way of working.


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