26-28 September 2018

Churchill College, Cambridge

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Session duration:
60 minutes

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Damian Crawford

Damian Crawford Coaching

About this Workshop

Another day, another misunderstood requirement that has created another delay, increased development costs and reduced ROI. If only there was another option for you to have caught this problem earlier, closing the feedback loop in such a way that delivery felt effortless and your customers were delighted.

Learn how to improve your curiosity, listen better and gain an improved shared understanding in any conversation. Experience the benefits of asking a few of the Clean Language questions (developed by David Grove).

Clean Language questions help you and your team members become great listeners and curious participants in any meeting, being involved in ways that can have a great impact on your products and delighting your customers further. This will be a safe environment to experiment and learn in. I hope to see you there - if you have any concerns, please contact the event organiser.

About the Speaker

Damian is an agile and leadership coach. With over 10 years of experience in the software development industry and coaching teams, Damian helps organisations to transform their agile delivery by working with client teams and key stakeholders on a one-to-one or team basis.

Damian is a member of the Association for Coaching and subscribes to its code of ethics.


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