Photograph of Hayley

Dr Hayley Lewis is an award-winning psychologist specialising in leadership and management behaviour and how this affects the culture and performance of teams and organisations.

She consults across all sectors, coaching and advising managers and leaders up to and including board level on issues such as improving workplace culture and increasing resilience.

Hayley started her career at the BBC and then moved into local government where she held a variety of operational management and strategic leadership roles covering services such as organisational development, customer services, communications and digital services. Hayley is also an academic working at several UK universities and is passionate about making psychology accessible to the public to help improve the world of work.

She shares ideas and knowledge on LinkedIn and Twitter via her sketchnotes, which often go viral. In 2021 she was identified as one of the most influential thinkers in HR by HR Magazine.


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Pronouns: She/Her