Photograph of Tom Gilb

Tom Gilb has together, with his son Kai Gilb, and with many professional friends and clients, personally developed the methods they teach. The methods have evolved over decades of practice all over the world in both small companies and projects, as well as in the largest companies and projects.

Tom is, by most leading Agile method leaders, considered the 'grandfather' of agile techniques, primarily via his book 'Principles of Software Engineering Management' (1988, now 20th Printing), and much earlier publications. His work served as the inspiration for some agile concepts, primarily short development cycles. He is cited by many of the Agile community leaders (Sutherland, Cohn, Beck, Martin, Cunningham, Highsmith, Ambler, Larman, Ladas) as foundational for their past ideas, and/or stimulating for their current thinking