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Joseph Pelrine

Joseph Pelrine Ltd

Lyn Girvan

CMC Partnership Consulting Ltd

Session time:

30 Jun 13:30 14:30

Session duration:

60 minutes

About the session

With the market and technology changing at increasing speed, more and more organisations are failing to keep up with the pace required to succeed. Organisations that can’t, or won’t, adapt to the rapid changes in the world they operate in will struggle to survive and may lose their customer base. 

Business agility is essential for organisations to continually review their products and services and maintain and grow customer loyalty. Becoming an agile organisation is not a one-off transformational activity, but a continuous journey of improvement involving all aspects of the organisation and its culture.

So how do organisations move towards a culture of business agility? 

This session will explain four dimensions to consider to achieve business agility, identifying characteristics and behaviours that must be embedded within an organisation’s culture to survive and thrive.

Participant takeaways:

  • People attending this talk will be provided with a model that will help them to think about different aspects of agility within and across their organisation.
  • They will learn that agility isn't necessarily just about ways of working in software development teams or about implementing agile methods at scale. Rather it is about embracing a whole organisational approach to achieve the Infinite organisation. 

Themes: Organisation Design, Culture & Teaming, Building Value Streams, Business Agility

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