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Presented by:

Emily Webber


Cara Bermingham


Session time:

28 Sep 13:10 14:00

Session duration:

50 minutes

About the session

About the session

Agile on the Bench is a friendly, low-fi, lunchtime, outdoor, agile meetup. Expect short fun talks about all things agile, people, teams, users and getting things done… on a bench. Being outside means no tech, there are no laptops or projectors, just the speakers, the attendees and lots of fantastic ideas.

Agile on the Bench is a community event run by agile people for agile people (and passing joggers). It ran between 2014 and 2017 and is back for a one-off special.

Your hosts are Emily Webber and Cara Bermingham. For more info head to 

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