Session type:


Presented by:

Emily Webber


Session time:

02 Oct 11:15 12:45

Session duration:

90 minutes

About the session

How do you go about making a team a team? 

When a new group of people form a team, they are just that - a group of people - until they have a shared commitment to a goal and each other.

This interactive workshop will introduce concepts of effective interdisciplinary teams and practical approaches that can foster commitment to each other and grow team bonds by accelerating empathy, understanding, and connections.

You will explore ways to foster a team’s social sensitivity and build a map of collective expertise through the Team Manual and the Capability Comb. 

Participant takeaways:

  • Understand the concepts of team intelligence and interdisciplinary teams
  • Learn about and try out two tools, the Team Manual and the Capability Comb
  • Feedback, discuss and reflect on when they might use them


Effective teams, Collaboration, Capability, Empathy

This session:

  • Includes interaction
  • Has no session cap

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