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Woody Zuill

Agile and Lean Guide

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29 Jun 09:30 10:30

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60 minutes

About the session

I often wonder what it would be like to work at a place where everyone can experience accomplishment and fulfilment in their work. Where everyone can have the best chance to excel in their work and their life.

What if we could spend our work hours interested and engaged in all that we do, and yet aren't drained and worn out at the end of the day? Have you ever worked at such a place? I've experienced this, and seen hints of it here and there.

 So what are we to do? I don't believe there is some "secret knowledge" that we need to find. I'd like to explore a few ideas that have worked well for me in creating a wonderful workplace. These are simple concepts, but there are a lot of things that block us from taking advantage of them.

We'll focus on what gets in our way, how to move forward, and a few things to try to get into the habits needed to for this to happen.

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