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Presented by:

Ryan Comerford

Session time:

30 Jun 12:00 12:30

Session duration:

30 minutes

About the session

Online experimentation and agile software development go together like coffee and donuts, sushi and soy sauce, Netflix and lockdown, unicorns and glitter (you get the drift!). 

In this talk Ryan will explain why online experimentation helps businesses and teams be agile, better. He will provide real world examples of what he has learnt from his time as a Senior Product Manager across several sectors in large scale technology businesses. 

The talk is relevant to anyone interested in the benefits of online experimentation within their business. Whether they are newly restructured into a product organisation and agile teams or are already formed around digital products and looking to bolster the scientific method to build better products. 

Participant takeaways

  • How experimentation supports and improves agile ways of working - Customer focus, Collaboration, Software delivery, Team and culture benefits, empowering curiosity and rapid learning.
  • How to turn an idea into an experiment: An idea is often a solution not a problem. Ideas alone can be a one way ticket to the feature factory if not crafted, so start solving problems and start with the hypothesis. 
  • What 'good' (and bad) frameworks look like and hints and tips to kickstart your program

Themes: Data Driven, Product Development, Agile Teams Learning, Agile Learning, Product Design, Problem Solving

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