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Fay Laws

Oracle Data Cloud

Barry Glennon

Oracle Data Cloud

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60 minutes

About the session

High functioning Agile teams deliver continuous value and businesses with high functioning teams are successful. At least this is what we all assume. What steps do Agile teams take to prove this?

The continuous delivery of value is more than simply resolving fistfuls of story points each week. When communicating a team’s impact to your business, joining the dots between a product vision, a technical solution and product delivery is fraught with difficulty.

In this session, we will discuss how value, success and impact can be traced back to high functioning Agile teams, and some crucial methods for communicating success before work has even begun.

We will also explore how the successes of Agile teams are communicated following the delivery of value, and why teams are reluctant or unwilling to do this.  Is it that we just don’t want to talk about our own achievements or is it symptomatic of something more?

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