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Presented by:

Linda Rising

Independent consultant

Session duration:

60 minutes

About the session

Cognitive scientists tell us that we are more productive and happier when our behaviour matches our brain’s hardwiring - when what we do and why we do it matches the way we have evolved to survive over tens of thousands of years. One problematic behaviour humans have is that we are hardwired to instantly decide who we trust. We generally aren't aware of these decisions - they just happen. In this keynote, Linda Rising explains that this hardwired “trust evaluation” can get in the way of working well with others. Pairing, the daily stand-up, and close communication with the customer and others outside the team go a long way to overcome our instant evaluation of others. As Linda helps you gain a better understanding of this mechanism in your behaviour and what agile processes can do to help, you are more likely to build better interpersonal relationships and create successful products.

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