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Daniel Susser

Embodied Agility

Session time:

02 Oct 14:00 16:30

Session duration:

120 minutes

About the session

Note: this session runs for 120 minutes + 30 minutes for afternoon break.

Intelligence is the ability to problem-solve in a complex world. 

Just as humans and anthills exhibit intelligence, so do our teams. This workshop will be an introduction to the essentials of cognitive science - the study of mind and intelligence. We will look at agility through the lens of creating team intelligence. We will learn the 4E paradigm of modern cognitive science and playfully explore how these can help our teams become more intelligent.

This session is for leaders, agility practitioners, and anyone with experience trying to build a great organisation or team. Whether you're looking to find even more greatness or put out a flaming dumpster fire, there will be something in this workshop for you.

Participant takeaways:

  • Explore what cognitive science is and evaluate how it is relevant to building great teams and organisations
  • Understand and apply the 4E paradigm of cognitive science
  • Use the 4Es as an analysis tool to identify opportunities for improvement for teams and organisations


Building teams, Leadership, Cognitive science, Organisations

This session:

  • Includes interaction
  • Has a session cap of 30 participants

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