The reflections of people who have attended Agile Cambridge. 

Agile Cambridge 2022 – 5 lessons

"So what were my high points? I’ll give the top five…"
-Blog by Jay Alphey

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Agile Cambridge 2018

"I had a fantastic time again this year, learnt a stack of new things, reinforced a set of existing knowledge, met some great new contacts... and picked up some new knowledge that will both make me better at my own job and help the teams I work with."
-Blog by Ben Mancini

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Eyes on the stars, feet in the mud

"Agile Cambridge was a great way to engage with people and organisations in our area, exchange ideas and share our own experiences"
-Blog by Milan Juza

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How to embrace agile working — BGL Tech at Agile Cambridge

"As I’m writing this I stop to talk to a couple of people and we discuss how the conference focuses on the softer skills, how we influence, challenge and motivate ourselves and our colleagues."
-Blog by Kevin Fish

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Feedback we have received from participants who have attended Agile Cambridge.

Anonymous, Participant, Agile Cambridge 2022

'Agile Cambridge is my favourite conference and happens to be in the plce where I live. The people you meet, the speakers experience and the atmosphere are usually fantastic!'

Anonymous, Participant, Agile Cambridge 2022

'Very enlightening, good talks, friendly atmosphere and keynotes are always excellent.'

Anonymous, Participant, Agile Cambridge 2022

'I learned loads from the talks and i was able to talk to the speakers over the days as well.'

Anonymous, Participant, Agile Cambridge 2019

'Excellent organisation, great range of speakers, loved it!'

Anonymous, Participant, Agile Cambridge 2019

'Mind opening and thought-provoking 3 days'

Anonymous, Participant, Agile Cambridge 2019

'Incredible, empowering, potentially life changing and this is meant seriously. Big words but true.'

Ben Mancini, Speaker and blogger, Agile Cambridge 2018

'It's a great environment for learning and you are guaranteed to find things that will interest you across the many talks and workshops...'

Anonymous, Participant, Agile Cambridge 2018

'Useful tips and techniques to apply. You never stop learning.'

Mariapaola Sorrentino, Participant, Agile Cambridge 2018

'Great talks and workshops, and definitively lots of inspiration!'