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Presented by:

Anthony Boobier


Session time:

28 Sep 14:00 15:00

Session duration:

60 minutes

About the session

"How do I understand an organization’s culture?" - Draw a line.

That line is the ‘Above and Below the line’ model; above the line is about open and positive behaviours, below the line are behaviours that are closed and negative.

Where you and your colleagues are on that line is not an identity. It's not binary, but a snapshot in time that can and does change over time. Your environment will impact how you respond and behave, but you too have personal responsibility on how you take charge and impact how others behave.

This interactive workshop will present an adaptation of the above the line model, that uses 2 dimension, 'You' and 'Your environment', to map your behaviours using a set of self reflective questions. Come along and understand how you can apply the tool, to assess the culture around you and how it could be impacting the behaviours of you and your colleagues.

Behaviour, Culture, Change, Psychological Safety, Self-awareness.

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