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28 Sep 13:30 14:00

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30 minutes

About the session

Your hosts are Emily Webber and Cara Bermingham

13:30 - 14:00 - Grab your lunch first!

Our Thursday Speakers:

Are you ready for the kindergarten mode? And why this matters!

Sabine Wojcieszak

The modern challenges we have to solve every day as a team are becoming more complex, and we feel compelled to work harder. Seriously, maybe it's better to just go into kindergarten mode after all.

Constellating Agile Cambridge

Stephen Mounsey

Bringing the system into the room, in this session, we will experience a tool for creating awareness of the system at play. We will constellate a couple of elements of Agile Cambridge in order to explore the world of systemic constellations, and I will show you how I use this in my day-to-day work.


Agile on the Bench is a friendly, low-fi, lunchtime, outdoor, agile meetup. Expect short fun talks about all things agile, people, teams, users and getting things done… on a bench. Being outside means no tech, there are no laptops or projectors, just the speakers, the attendees and lots of fantastic ideas.

Agile on the Bench is a community event run by agile people for agile people (and passing joggers). 

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