Session type:

Case Study

Presented by:

Cara Bermingham


Phoebe Quayle

Co-operative Group

Session time:

30 Jun 13:30 14:30

Session duration:

60 minutes

About the session

The Co-op experience (formally digital) team work across multiple business within Co-op from food to funerals. They work within multidisciplinary teams alongside the business to address user problems, often resulting in digital products or new services.

How do you create consistency in a way that’s useful across your product teams without getting bogged down by rigid standards and preventing autonomy?

This is the problem the Co-op agile delivery community set out to solve; without writing another playbook that nobody would read.

We’ll share the story of how we collectively came up with our set of 7 things every team should have in place and how we are keeping it alive.

Participant takeaways:

  • Problems that arise when there isn’t a shared understanding of what good looks like in teams
  • How we decided on our 7 things and what does each of them look like
  • How to keep something like this alive once they’ve been written by having a mechanism for reviewing

Themes: standards, Agile, Teams, Management

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