Session type:


Presented by:

Jenny Martin


Session time:

27 Sep 14:00 16:30

Session duration:

120 minutes

About the session

For teams to flourish, it’s vital that individuals feel connected, supported and have high quality social relationships. To achieve this, we must remove psychological hazards and promote empathy and compassion in the workplace.

Nonviolent communication helps us foster greater connection, understanding and compassion, enabling us to find strategies to meet each other's needs.

Join Jenny to explore the practice of nonviolent communication, and how you can use it to build trust, develop better quality relationships and resolve conflicts.

Note: this session runs for 120 minutes + 30 minutes for afternoon break.

This session: 

  • Includes interaction / group work
  • Has a session number cap: 40 participants

High Performing teams, psychological safety, communication, conflict resolution.

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