Session type:

Case Study

Presented by:

Adam Tornhill


Session time:

02 Oct 15:30 16:30

Session duration:

60 minutes

About the session

Code quality is an abstract concept that fails to get traction at the business level. Consequently, software companies keep trading code quality for new features.

The resulting technical debt is estimated to waste up to 42% of developers' time, causing stress and uncertainty in the process. Yet it's hard to build a business case for code quality: how do we quantify and communicate the benefits to our non-technical stakeholders? Or even inside the own team?

In this talk, Adam tackles this challenge head-on by leveraging innovative code quality metrics and deep analyses of how engineering interacts with code.

By linking these metrics to key business drivers such as time-to-market, customer satisfaction, and roadmap risks, Adam demonstrates how investing in code quality translates directly into a competitive advantage. The recommendations and insights are backed by cutting-edge research, delivering a perspective on software development that will change how you view code. Promise.


Code quality, Analytics, Business, Development, Code

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