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Presented by:

Annika-Marie Leick

Sparck / BJSS

Session time:

04 Oct 13:50 14:35

Session duration:

45 minutes

About the session

Nudges and biases are only a small part of what we can learn from Behavioural Science to enhance our research and designs. 

Inherent to any human-centred service is a chain of user interactions and thus, also behaviour change. Yet, many overlook this opportunity to lead to positive and long-lasting change for users (and stakeholders).

Reframing design challenges as behavioural problems encourages us to go beyond standard user research/testing focused on usability and functionality and dive deeper to unpack the influence of internal and external influencers on user interactions.

This talk will bring theory to life and leave you with actionable insights, examples and BeSci frameworks that empower you to create more engaging and transformative experiences for your users.

Participant takeaways:

  • Organising development for multi-team success
  • Integrating IT and business teams
  • Overcoming common roadblocks
  • Building resilience in a crisis


Behavioural design process, Behavioural Science/economics, Designing for behavioural change, Psychology, COM-B model

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