Session type:

Case Study

Presented by:

Nicolas Brown

Daniel Dickinson

Session time:

02 Oct 11:15 12:00

Session duration:

45 minutes

About the session

Measuring agility is a difficult task and is often done through the usage of a maturity model.

Whilst these provide a structured framework, they fall short in addressing the unique dynamics of each organisation. They often lead to a checklist mentality, where the focus is on ‘agile compliance’ rather than fostering genuine agility.

In this talk, we'll share how we've enabled up to 100 teams to self-assess, without the need for the agile coach to come and 'observe' them. We'll explain how we articulated four key agility themes of flow, value, culture and delivery to help teams figure out where they are and can aspire to be and get a holistic view of agility across our organisation.

At we have roughly 100 teams who are free to choose their way of working where right for them and their context, as well as avoid using any scaling frameworks. As a team of just three coaches, how can we possibly keep on top of all this? This is where the agility self-assessment comes in. 

We'll cover why we created the assessment, what the four themes of flow, value, culture and delivery mean and what the levels within those are. We'll detail things we learnt along the way, how we rolled it out and incorporated this into our quarterly coaching OKRs.

Participant takeaways:

  • Understand the pitfalls of 'traditional' maturity models
  • Understand how to approach measuring agility in a large organisation 
  • Understand what themes you might want to consider 
  • How to measure these through quantitative and qualitative means
  • Learn about the challenges you might face in rolling this out and how to overcome them 


Agile maturity, Maturity models, Measurement, Flow, Value, Culture, Delivery

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